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What do you get when brilliant technology meets a passionate and committed professional in the hair care industry?

What do you get when an ergonomic and elegant design meets a daring, bold, and artistic stylist?

These were questions that our founder answered in 2005 when he designed CROC in Southern California and introduced CROC's first signature design to stylists. This signature unique design also inspired CROC's bold name. As our passionate commitment to this vision has continued to flourish, CROC has produced and continues to produce the world’s most technologically advanced, ergonomic, elegant, and visionary hair tools the cosmetology industry has ever seen.

At CROC, we push limits because you push limits.

We take a lesson from Albert Einstein who said, “You can't solve a problem on the same level that it was created. You have to rise above it to the next level.” In fashion, just as in technology, creative innovation is the key to success. This is why all CROC products are made using cutting edge technologies that enable stylists to unleash their creativity without having to worry about any limitations. CROC tools also offer the most nourishing and natural approach to hair care while remaining effective and powerful.

We have designed the best tools because you deserve the best tools.

Most conventional hair tooling companies try to make tools that look good and sell quickly. CROC tools are designed for stylists looking to showcase their professional talent. This is why our team of engineers and designers do not settle for anything less than the most ergonomic, efficient and high quality in our products.

CROC tools are designed to work as hard as you do whilst maintaining consistency and excellence.

We only use the best, most durable, most effective designs and materials. Our focus is to make highly durable tools that continue working long and hard like the stylist.

CROC tools are effortless to use.

Some of the most elegant and easy looking hairstyles often take the most precision, finesse, and skill to pull off effectively. We have patented technologies that allow the power, control, and effectiveness of the best technology on the market to fit into lightweight, ergonomic, and highly efficient designs.