A New Landmark In Canada

A new Landmark in Canada

A New Landmark in Canada

Croc hair tools are available in Canada NOW. After mastering the industry of hair appliancesthe in U.S for over 15 years, and after creating the most superior hair tools and most advanced patents in the industry, we are officially launching Croc Canada! This is a huge  day for our company! We are so happy to expand our business and make our products available for the our Canadian neighbors. 
From behind the scenes in Hollywood to hair salons and home, Croc tools have been the favorites of Hollywood stylists and the #1 brand for professionals.
We are our own competition, we are 10 years ahead of the curve and we are the first to introduce the following technologies to the hair appliances market:
- Infrared Technology: As you use the Infrared flat iron, your hair will become noticeably softer feeling and healthier looking overtime. The Infrared penetrates the cortex of the hair when you style to further protect the integrity of your hair. How does this work? The thermal conduction creates a uniform temperature inside and out which prevents less friction and damage, as well as eliminating the bad bacteria and odors!
- Black Titanium Plates: Anti static, anti stick plates providing smooth one pass glide.
- Ergonomic shape: The Crocodile shape is where we got our name from, this unique ergonomic shape releases pressure from the thumb press and makes it effortless to flatten your hair


In light of this launch, we are more than happy to offer 25% OFF Discount on all items. Offer will end by January 7th



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